Vaginal Detox Pearls Yoni Tampon 3pcs


Yoni Pearls are a holistic approach to help restore feminine health and confidence. Detox pearls have been used by women over time to help improve a variety of conditions and help maintain a healthy pH environment of the vagina. Herbal pearls are safe to use, and free of chemicals and preservatives.
What Main Changes Will I Notice After using Yoni Pearls?
Generally, the yoni detox pearls will be pulled out from the vagina after 2 days. You can see that the yoni pearl is bigger than before. It adsorbs lots of toxins from the vagina, and vaginal itching, pain, odor, and other gynecological symptoms were relieved.
Erosion, thick secretions, and bacteria adsorbed on the yoni pearl are discharged continuously, urinary frequency, and leucorrhoea will be reduced and the bad odor will disappear. Yoni Detox Pearls enhances the vaginal tissue metabolism, fast healing the vaginal and uterine wound caused by childbirth and abortion becoming smooth to restore women’s vagina.
After detoxing, ovarian androgen secretion of hormones returns to normal levels, regulating blood and balancing the endocrine.
The yoni pear is best for;
For female virginal discomfort, it has the functions of antibacterial, cleansing and relieving itching, and removing odor. It can also be used for women’s daily virginal cleaning care.

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  1. Thoroughly wash your hands and open the pouch containing one tampon
  2. Pull out the string of the tampon
  3. Insert the tampon inside the vagina approximately 5-6 cm deep
  4. You must remove the tampon after 24 hours of insertion
  5. Rinse (douche) your vagina
  6. Insert next tampon 24 hours later after removing the first one


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